as the ultimate mancave

as the basecamp
to connect with the nature

This place was originally built by Mr. Ogawa, a music enthusiast, to enjoy his hobbies.


He loved Mexican mariachi music. In order to fully immerse himself in the music, he searched for a secluded environment somewhat similar to Mexico, built this carefully crafted log house.

I looked up for him enjoying his hobby to the fullest.

A few years ago, When I heard that Mr. Ogawa was going to let this place go, I couldn’t believe it. When I heard that maintaining a secluded house is difficult for an old guy, I had to tell him, “If that’s the case, let me maintain the place.” Mr. Ogawa was pleased to hear that and I promised him that I will invite him to Mexican party after this place is renovated.

In 2021 under COVID-19 crisis, Mr. Ogawa passed away without seeing this place reborn. We had invited a Mexican band and had a party in memory of Ogawa san upon the opening of this vacation rental.

Nothing would make me happier than if you could fully enjoy LOGOUT HOTEL and the magnificent nature of Minami Izu that Ogawa san loved.  

Yossy Omata



We Do Not Recommend Public Transportation In Minami Izu.

(Rental Cars Available At Shimoda Station)

◆Access by car

【From Tokyo】

Tomei Expressway (Atsugi IC)/Odawara Atsugi Road~Atami~Shimoda~Minami Izu

【From Nagoya】

Tomei Expressway (Numazu IC)/New Tomei Expressway(Nagaizumi Numazu IC)~

Izu Jukan Expressway~Amagi Pass~Kawazu~Shimoda~Minami Izu