Casual Adventures in our secluded neighborhood

Our rental villa is very secluded.

So that you can escape from the everyday life and check into the Japanese mythical nature.

It’s also recommended to spend leisurely time as a retreat where you can reset your senses.

You don’t have to drive to tourist destinations.

Because you are already surrounded by various adventures in walking (and swimming) distance.

Please use our villa as a base camp for your casual adventures

① Feel the world of Ghibli movies

at the Shirine of the white bird

Crossing a stream, passing through a green tunnel,

and heading towards the guardian deity of Yoshida Beach.

The path leading there fills you with excitement with its Ghibli-like atmosphere.

At the entrance of the shrine, stands a large Banyan tree said to be 800 years old.

Its twisted and gnarled appearance is truly awe-inspiring.

Within the precincts, palm trees and massive rocks create a tropical atmosphere.

While the exact time of its establishment is unclear,

Shiratori Shrine is known for enshrining Yamato Takeru ,

a Japanese semi-legendary prince of the Yamato dynasty, 

who became a white bird after his death.

The shrine is nothing fancy, rather simple, but filled with sacred atmosphere.

②Walking along the mountain trails with breathtaking ocean view


There are two trekking courses extending north and south from our rental villa.

The contrast between the deep blue sea, rugged rocks, and lush greenery is striking.

While enjoying the breathtaking scenery recognized by UNESCO as a Geopark, you can experience authentic trekking.

Although the elevation isn’t high, there are ups and downs, and in some areas, you may need to climb steep slopes using ropes.

Even just a 20-minute walk from our rental villa offers considerable scenic beauty and a sense of adventure!

But please be cautious during the summer when the starting point may be covered in greenery, making the path unclear to find.

Southern route is recommended for the first timers.

③Crossing treacherous rocky terrain, to find the secret beach.

About a 10-minute walk over the big rocks terrain at the left hand side of the beach,

there lies a hidden beach, perfect for fishing, BBQ, camping, or simply taking a walk to.

As the terrain is quite rugged,

it’s essential to wear comfortable and slip-resistant shoes rather than beach sandals.

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